About me

I’m Wijke and since September 2020 in training to be a lactation consultant. I have now graduated as a lactation consultant NLG

Back in time….

In 2005 I moved to London to work here as an au pair. I knew I liked working with children and I was ready for a challenge. So working as an au pair in London was perfect at the time.

In one of the families where I worked, the woman was pregnant with their second child. He was born in the time I worked there. during that period I learned a lot about the infant, just not yet as a healthcare professional. I knew then that I wanted to work with the infants.

In 2007 I started the Nursing programme and eventually started working in the maternity ward. I graduated in 2011 and immediately accepted to the maternity ward at Maxima Medisch Centrum (MMC) in Veldhoven.

That’s where I ended up in the breastfeeding working group. If I am very honest, this was not my number one choice at the time, but participation in a working group was mandatory. In the end, this has been a super good choice!

A lot of people felt at the time that breastfeeding was old-fashioned, I really wanted to change this. Together with the Lactation Expert of the MMC I started giving the pregnant information days and evenings about breastfeeding. Very exciting and super educational.

Soon I was allowed to follow the training as an obstetric nurse (specialized nurse), which gave me even more knowledge about the importance of breastfeeding.

For many years I have been active and have gained experience in the MMC and the St Anna hospital in the breastfeeding working group, with the maternity women and as a lactation expert i.o.  And now I’m taking the step to my own practice.

I’ve had years to fill my backpack and now I hope to be able to help as many women as possible with all the questions surrounding breastfeeding.


Pregnancy consultation

During a pregnancy consultation I can already help you with all questions about breastfeeding, even before your baby (s) is (are) born. Points for attention may be: pregnant women with diabetes (diabetes), antenatal (during pregnancy) breast pumps, ceasarean section, multiple pregnancy, Down syndrome, skin disorders or other underlying diseases with mother and / or child.

Costs: € 80, – 

A first consultation at home

If you have just given birth I can help you and give you advice if needed. It can all go wrong, breastfeeding is not as you expected, feeding can hurt, how do I lay my baby (s) on or do I have enough milk. There are still many uncertainties and questions you may have. In an initial consultation I will come to your home and go through some questions with you. If necessary, I look at your baby and at mom, I also look how your baby drinks at the breast and I try to answer all questions and I will give you advice. Together we make a plan that suits you best.

Costs: € 120, – 

Back 2 work

Some look forward to it and others really dread it, but at some point you have to do it: going back 2 work. It can be nice to sit among the ‘adults’ again and have other conversations, but at the same time it is so nice to be alone with your little one.

‘Do you know that your employer is obliged to have an enclosed space with streaming water where you can express / feed and that you are also given (extra) time for this?’

You may ask: how am I supposed to do all this, work and breastfeed? I would be happy to help you with this. I will come to your home to answer any questions and help you on your way.

Costs: € 80, – per hour Duration: 45min

Consult by phone

Sometimes you have a small question that I can answer correctly over the phone. If I have ever been to your home, telephone aftercare is included. If I have not seen you before, this is possible with a telephone consultation.

Costs: € 10,- Duration: +/- 15min

Health insurance

Depending on your insurance, lactation assistance is reimbursed. Check this carefully in advance. Insurance companies that reimburse me as an NLG lactation consultant are:

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